Aves Americanas

About us

The purpose of this site is to spread and bring different nuances of the wonderful life of birds together. The photographs are our own, and mostly unpublished.
Although we have a photographic stock of more than 150,000 birds from all over the continent, the work of incorporating them into the web is meticulous, especially in their selection. For this reason, we will add species as daily occupations allow us. It is a project that has no end, and requires patience and constant updating.

We want to thank those who were unconditionally at our side, sharing their work and knowledge.
- Panti Uranga and family, with 3 generations of Bird Watchers, who provide an extensive collection of eggs and nest photos.
- Benabé Lopez Lanús, who gently and disinterestedly shares most of the recordings of bird songs on this site.

Finally apologize for the mistakes we may make, providing an email where corrections and suggestions are welcome: info@ameribirds.com

We greet you warmly,
Juan Cruz & Santiago Padilla